Greetings and may you have good fortune, good food, and meet interesting

Doing a revamp of the site to include new art so it will gallery of old stuff that I
really liked how it came out and new stuff I'm working on or not happy with yet.
My fiction writing is still there but I want to revamp how it is displayed.

Not much time is being spent on updating this due to working for a new
company up in Canada.

Looks like any new stuff will have to wait until the movies release since I'm not
going to have time to do anything on the side in the mean time.
I am an Artist first and foremost, this holds true in Technology and Art. As
troubleshooting is more of an art than a science. You can know every common
answer and you will still find some one with a weird piece of hardware. I find
knowing the why helps more than the how. For me it is about making your brain
think instead of mindlessly putting square pegs in square holes. When you stop
learning you start dying and personally I find my self more awake and alive when
I'm learning something new.

I'm artist and always have been since I was little kid playing with play dough and
finger paints. There is drive to create emotion and reaction. I find building 3D
objects in Maya relaxing because at the end of the day it is solvable problem.
Many problems in technology don't have fixes. I did not mind this when I working
for the military because they were more logical about it than normal end users.
Either it worked or it did not. Their was always a solution even if you had to throw
money at it to fix it, like replacing bad hardware or re-writing legacy code. Some
times the solution was to make the old hardware work with wishes and duck tape.

I have worked in many different packages, everything from Blender to Rhino to
Max to Maya, and when it comes down to it most create objects as points in space,
be it nurbs, polys or sub-ds. It is the tools that change and how flexible they are.
Some programs require you to adapt to their ideal work flow and others like Maya
allow you to create an ideal interface creating a faster work flow. As you can infer
from that I prefer being able to put the tools I use at my finger tips rather than
whatever the programmer who will never use the tools thought would be handy.
Last my background as a IT troubleshooting, I am familiar with the complexity of
how software works. Most of the time it does what you want the rest of the time you
tweak things until it does what you want. Then again at the end of the day no
matter what I build the question of does it look good, and was it done before it was
needed is really all that matters.